Airbnb Will Allow Employees To Work Remotely Forever, Bucking Big Tech Trend

Relocation will likely result in salary adjustment based on the new location. CEO Mark Zuckerburg predicts about half of employees will be remote over the next few years. With more than 30 offices in the U.S., candidates can choose from a number of locations based on their role. For businesses, the biggest benefit of remote working is obviously that it helps to keep operations running during difficult times. With employees working from home, businesses can continue to function even when their physical office space is closed.

Major tech companies including Airbnb, Spotify, and Lyft have announced plans this year to permanently embrace remote and hybrid work schedules for their staff, even after the worst of the pandemic has passed. Early on in the pandemic, CEO Tobi Lutke tweeted that most of his offices would “permanently work remotely” even after the pandemic ends. When available, employees can choose from two offices – one in Canada and one in Ireland. The social media company offers remote work based on seniority and with one caveat.

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Below are 25 companies that have switched to being remote for the long-term, along with some of their recent remote opportunities that have been posted to the FlexJobs directory. As more and more businesses go remote, these are ways to be more effective and efficient on conference calls. Remote work remains popular among employees — and many employers are listening. When workers aren’t spending money on lunches out, nice work clothes and those random trips to the store on the way home, the change quickly adds up. Employers can offer thoughtful benefits packages and communication that promote healthy attitudes toward mental wellness. The pandemic may eventually come to an end, but working from home is here to stay.

Canada-based Shopify is a multinational firm that offers a cloud-based, multichannel commerce platform for small and medium-sized businesses. The platform is used to set up, design, and manage stores across multiple sales channels such as web, mobile, social media, brick-and-mortar spots, and pop-up shops. Toggl is one of the simplest time-tracking tools that help teams work better and be more productive from anywhere in the world. They’re a fully remote company, with “Togglers” working from more than 40 countries across the world. Knack is a cloud-based tool that makes it easy for businesses to build applications that manage, share, and empower data. Buffer is one of the best social media scheduling tools helping its customers build their brands and grow their businesses on social media.

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With up to 92% of employees working at least one day per week remotely, the average U.S. worker works 5.8 remote workdays per month. The decision to extend work from anywhere policies indefinitely is not one that companies are taking lightly. For many years, the appeal of working for modern tech companies was in part due to their on-site company culture.

  • Plus, 74% of workers agree that remote work opportunities make them less likely to leave a company.
  • This meant that there was a lot more face-to-face interaction, in-person meetings, and collaboration.
  • The two of these factors combined have the potential to save employers thousands of dollars.
  • Short-term rental giant Airbnb on Thursday night announced it will be allowing its workforce to work from anywhere, remote or in an office, without changing their pay if they move within the same country.

These are world-class products created by fully companies looking for remote workers “Automatticians”. Right now, there are over a thousand Automatticians distributed across 77 countries speaking 96 different languages. No matter where you are located, if you’ve got the skills, they’ve got a job for you. As a company, Automattic is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in their remote workforce. Be it digital strategy and management, software engineering, user experience, interactive design, or cloud infrastructure, their team of experts have you covered.

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Further, 68% of enterprises say there’s been an improvement in employee productivity since the move to remote work. Overall, a good portion of small businesses, companies, and those in positions of leadership agree that remote work has had a positive effect on productivity. This is still small compared to the 44% of companies that don’t allow remote work. However, this trend is changing over time, as 59% of workers report being more likely to choose an employer that allows remote work rather than one that doesn’t.

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Newcomers include Airbnb, Allstate, DoorDash, Lyft, and Reddit, while companies like CVS Health, Kelly, Parexel, SAP, and UnitedHealth Group made repeat appearances as long-term proponents of remote work, having made the list each year since 2014.

Relocations from big cities to midsize and small-metro areas rose by 23% in 2020, with remote workers citing affordable housing, proximity to family and retirement as the top reasons for their move. Many of these workers maintain their big-city salaries even after moving to a more affordable area, increasing their disposable income—and making remote work vacations to Barbados, Bermuda, or another exotic destination more plausible. Employees shouldn’t be working over their expected hours often as this misses the point of a flexible work-life balance.

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Google granted many requests to continue working remotely, but will keep offices open. Reports indicate pay cuts are possible for employees choosing to work from home full-time. Employees and applicants do have more than 35 U.S. cities to choose from when deciding where they prefer to commute. Coinbase is pursuing a remote-first future with hopes of decentralizing operations from a single headquarters and broadening their talent pool to include non-local employees. Employees can choose to report to the offices in San Francisco or three other U.S. cities for a hybrid work setup.

  • Vista partners with millions of small businesses to help them achieve success with design and marketing options for digital and physical assets.
  • Startups may have to consider layoffs due to the SVB situation, because it’s illegal to have employees without paying them.
  • Continuing to work from home, or anywhere with an internet connection, is a no-brainer for employees who have gotten used to their new remote work lifestyle.
  • When available, employees can choose from two offices – one in Canada and one in Ireland.
  • Employers can save on average around $11,000 annually for each employee who works remotely two or three days a week, according to a 2021 study by research firm Global Workplace Analytics.